Villa Tambosi, Main Building of ECT*


New Directions in Nonperturbative QCD

ECT* Trento, March 27 - 31, 2006




Gernot Akemann, Brunel University, London

Poul Damgaard, NBI - Copenhagen

Jac Verbaarschot, Stony Brook

The purpose of this workshop is to join activities from different communities to improve our understanding of nonperturbative QCD. Two major tools to achieve this are effective field theories and Lattice Gauge Theory. These are complemented by mathematical results related to both approaches.

During the past few years exciting developments have taken place in parallel in the nuclear theory, high energy, and mathematical physics community. We plan to focus on few specific topics in each area and bring them together. Such a contact has already been very fruitful in past meetings at ECT*.

The topics in Lattice Gauge Theory we wish to highlight, focus on new ideas and analytical improvements rather than on numerical progress. The workshop can roughly be divided in five different areas. In each area the following speakers have agreed to participate in this workshop:

Theoretical Developments on the Lattice chiral symmetry
Wolfgang Bietenholz (HU Berlin) Eduardo Follana (Glasgow University)
Pilar Hernandez (Valencia University) Herbert Neuberger (Rutgers University)
Stephane Nonnenmacher (Saclay) Mike Teper (Oxford)
Effective Field Theory and Chiral Perturbation Theory
Kim Splittorff (Niels Bohr Institute) Misha Stephanov (Univerity of Illinois)
Dominique Toublan (University of Maryland)
Finite-Temperature and Topology
Pierre de Forcrand (ETH Zuerich) Sourendu Gupta (Tata Instiute)
Frithjof Karsch (BNL and Bielefeld University) Chris Korthals Altes (CPT Marseille)
Edwin Laermann (Bielefeld University) Mikko Laine (Bielefeld University)
Yannick Meurice (Univeristy of Iowa) Uwe-Jens Wiese (Bern University)
Urs Wenger (ETH Zuerich)
Random Matrix Theory and Other Mathematical Tools
Yan Fyodorov (University of Nottingham) Eugene Kanzieper (Holon University)
Jac Verbaarschot (University at Stony Brook) Tilo Wettig (Regensburg University)
Martin Zirnbauer (University of Cologne)
Lattice Supersymmetry
Simon Catterall (Syracuse University) Alessandro D'Adda (INFN Torino)
Allesandra Feo (Parma University) Joel Giedt (Minneapolis)

Please have a look at the final program of the workshop.

List of participants

To register please send an e-mail to one of the organizers. Hotel arrangements will be made by the ECT* staff after you have completed a questionnaire which we will send on registration.